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Birambi stands for everything that is white, minimalist and aesthetically pleasing. But: the concept goes further than just minimalist products. In this digital age we mainly send messages via e-mail and chats, which makes gifts less and less personal. How often do you still get a real birthday card? Or a spontaneous surprise in your letterbox, other than the mail from the tax authorities? Exactly. That is why we go back to the basics: a simple message in a bottle in a new look.

We use different types of test tubes for our product packaging. By keeping our prices low, we try to make as many people as possible happy with these personal and original gifts via the old-fashioned mail. Hey, do we already see your first smile there? 😉

// Words
Our bestseller & most unique product!
We have a wide range of words, laser cut. We have a beautiful words or questions for every occasion. Asking someone to be your bridesmaid or announcing a pregnancy is all possible with the words collection from Birambi. From time to time we enlist the help of our followers on social media. They come up with the most original and funniest texts. The words are cut from a 3 mm thick MDF board. The text must fit properly in the tube. We therefore work with a minimum and maximum number of characters. Do you also have a nice text that you want to have laser cut? This is possible in consultation and is only possible in large quantities.

//little gifts
Original gifts packed in our smallest size
tubes .. The little gifts are perfect to give someone one
to support, to congratulate or to wish someone luck.
Our Lucky Dolls and the Newborn gifts remain our bestsellers. These were the first «  »messages in a bottle ‘that Birambi sold.
We regularly add new little gifts to our range ..

We hope we have given you a good idea of our brand and what we stand for.

So what are you waiting for?

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