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"Kaoiro" (which means "facial expression" in Japanese) is japanese emoticon stamp pretending to be the date stamp.

 This stamp that mixing digital culture with a old style stationary has 7 belts and around 20 symbols.

 You can create real kaomoji (japanese emoticon) of 2000 or more by combining them.

 If you always have it ready on your desk at school or office, you can share your emotion to your lover in real world with a secret . \ (^ о ^) /

A must for all geeks!


  • Emoticon stamp
  • 7 belts, around 20 symbols
  • Size : w34 x d27 x h100mm 
  • Material : rubber, wood and steel
  • Handmade in Japan, by Gung
  • kaoiro was awarded a Merit Award of One Show Design 2010.

Available in white or black