Dénicheuse - treasure hunting

It’s the treasure hunter’s passion to track down a thousand and one little things that take us beyond the everyday, or transform the everyday into something more beautiful.

At dénicheuse.com, you will find a very personal selection of objects – unusual, beautiful, practical or a bit offbeat, designed to make life a little more cheerful, more sparkling and more colourful: things that will make you smile. Creations of young designers, objects from small start-up companies, or pieces selected from more well-known brands: at denicheuse.com you will find things that can’t be found just anywhere.

These are treasures that I have gathered in the course of an incessant search for the kind of objects that I love. And I want to share them with you.

Treasure hunting as a profession

Dénicheuse.com is a very personal adventure. A few months ago, after 10 years in charge of communications at Mudam Luxembourg, I decided to turn my passion into my profession.

And to awaken in others their own lust for discovery.

These objects, these jewels, these garments all have a story, the story of their creators scattered around the world, the designers and the brands they have created. Whether single, in a couple, as childhood friends or mothers, they were always impassioned, always with the courage to follow their ideas through, and to imagine, create and construct extraordinary things.

I have kept in personal contact with every one of these creators whose story has so touched me.

In turn, they have all been touched by my adventure and have encouraged me on my journey. It is thanks to their confidence and their unfailing support that I have had the courage to launch myself on this amazing adventure.

What can you find on dénicheuse.com ?

Playful, original, funny, quirky, but always affordable, these objects are part of the art of making daily life less ordinary.

They link the useful to the lovely, they make people smile, they are always surprising; in short, they are an antidote to the drudgery and boredom of daily life.

I select all the products with immense care, but above all with love and passion.

These creations have seduced me with their beauty, their originality, their poetry, their mellow clarity, their quality – often all at the same time. They are objects that you can buy for your own delight, or to bring pleasure to someone you love.

Why an online shop?

The selection in my online shop is very personal and will grow from day to day in the course of my discoveries.

One of its charms is that it is open 24/7.

You can browse the “shelves” and let yourself be seduced by the little things on offer, hunt for bargains at your leisure and in your own time.

You like treasure hunting too?

If you also have the heart of a treasure hunter, share your favourites with me!

If I take up your suggestion and choose to present it on my site, I promise to mention your name along with the description of the product.

A little surprise will be sent to you to say thank you for your discovery.

So don’t hesitate!